We are FIFe, TICA and TIBCS members.

The Cattery Bengal Brasilis has 190m2 of built area plus garden.


Aisle 1 - Maternity, post-natal and nursery


This space consists of 06 catteries with just over 11m2 each, with floor and walls covered in ceramic tiles.

Each cattery has an internal area of m2 fully closed by masonry and a glass door giving access to a screened and covered terrace with 5m2, where we have a nice solarium with playground.

Pregnant cats, cats who are nursing and kittens of different ages can play safely in a cool, well-lit environment. Environmental enrichment is done with Sisal scratching Poles coated sisal, towers and other furniture specially designed for cats. Appropriate toys for each different stage of development are available. (Photos)

It is in this environment that the puppies undergo an affectionate work socialisation. 


Aisle 2 - Cattery for females, males and Pets


This Space consists of 10 catteries with about 8m2 each, with floor and walls covered in ceramic tiles, fencing and roofing .

The room is airy and bright. The site is fully equipped with fans, heaters and awnings so that the temperature is always nice for the cats, be it in the coldest nights or the hottest days of our summer.

Cats are naturally territorial. The objective in Aisle 2 is to provide each cat with a small private territory, a space where he will not need to compete with other cats, where he will have access to everything a cat needs to be healthy and happy. The area is maximised vertically with enriched environment that includes burrows and platforms on the roof, climbing towers and sisal scratching posts. Appropriate toys for the different tastes of each cat are available, so they can spend their days training hunting, playing hide  and seek etc. All the playing activities that delight cat.


Aisle 3 - Cattery quarantine


Cattery with about 8m2 covered with ceramics tiles floor walls. This cattery is completely isolated from the other catteries. This is where we host our newly acquired bengals and any cats returning from exhibitions and shows etc.

It is also here that we receive visit and care of Dr.Théo Coradi, veterinarian for the health of our cats and the neutering surgery.

The place is very comfortable with an environment that does not differ much from other catteries of Wards 1 and 2, with toys, lots of natural light, which just added some clinical equipment and sanitary isolation.


Bath room, Laundry, Kitchen and Warehouse


We have our own room for bathing and grooming.

There is also a private kitchen, where we prepare foods that complement the dry food diet quality Super Premium offered daily in the cattery.